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The Year in Review

The Year in Review

Tuscarora Wayne Mutual Foundation

The Year in Review

The Foundation continues to serve its mission of “Serving the Underserved”.  This year as we struggled through state shutdowns in the spring of 2020 and continue to struggle with restrictions related to the COVID-19 Pandemic we set out to fulfill our mission to combat food insecurity.  Under normal conditions one in eight Pennsylvanians are at risk of hunger and for children it is one in six.  We noticed longer lines at local food banks during the pandemic and we set out to donate the much needed funds to as many food banks and pantries as we could.

The combined account portfolio through November 30, 2020 contains $4,250 in cash, $84,964 in equities and $1,273,581 in mutual funds for a total of $1,362,795.

2020 Highlights:

  • Through raffles and payroll deductions the employees of Tuscarora Wayne contributed $7,162 through December, 2020 to the Foundation.
  • Tuscarora Wayne Insurance Company contributed $250,000 to the Foundation.
  • Stone Hedge Partners and Munich Re contributed $1,850 and $2,500, respectively to the Foundation.
  • Projected donations made from the Foundation are expected to total $72,570 which is the largest payout in Foundation history.  This is due to the very generous contributions that have been made to the Foundation from Tuscarora Wayne, Tuscarora Wayne employees, and business partners.
  • Projected donations to fight food insecurity are expected to be $50,000 of the total donations made this year.
  • 24 agencies participated in selecting a charity to be awarded a donation of $1,000.


A special thank you to Stephanie Keiser, treasurer and corporate secretary of the foundation, for her continued support.


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